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Pure nettle (Urtica dioica) is grown to recognized production standards in fields on UK farms. It is harvested at the optimum time and rapidly dried at high temperatures to conserve the qualities of this traceable natural food enhancement and immunostimulant.

 Urtica Plus nettles are commercially available in pellet, granulation, powder, and chop at present.



The Natural Way

Incorporation of nettles in the diet look to improve egg quality, performance and well being of Free Range and Organic hens the natural way.

Can also be used as a natural immunostimulant in commercial chicken production.

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A Functional Feed

Nettles incorporated into various fish species feeds as a functional feed improve feed utilization, improved palatability and growth and increases haematological parameters

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The Supplement 

Historical use of the natural palatable treat that appears to give digestive support improving consistency of droppings, form and colour. Plus, it appears to improve coat condition and energy levels.

Nettle could be acting as a blood tonic to reduce inflammation and fight infection and improve stamina and respiratory activity.

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What Energy

Working dogs, gun dogs, agility and active dogs all seem to enjoy similar benefits as other species with improved wellbeing and appearance

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